Facility - Kix 4 Chix Kamloops

Our Facility

I always dreaded going to the GYM (might as well be a four-letter word to me) and I could never find anything that could match my energy and that I found fun. I wanted something exciting and interesting that made me want to “work-at” instead of “work-out.” All I wanted was my outer strength to match my inner strength…

Prior to opening up Kix 4 Chix, I had never punched or kicked anything before, but I had always wanted to. Once I did, no other type of gym or sport could ever compare to kickboxing! I never knew that I had so much pent-up, misguided, unresolved aggression; I just needed a method to expel it, and kickboxing was the answer. When I was on the mats, with my gloves and wraps on, I was an ass-kicking warrior!

I had never felt so strong and in control of my body before. Kickboxing not only requires all the muscles in your body to work together to create an unstoppable powerful energy, but it keeps your mind activated and aware as well. Kix 4 Chix is a place where friendships are forged and formed by women of all ages due to our mutual love for kickboxing.

As the owner of Kix 4 Chix, I promise you a positive, drama-free atmosphere where you can leave your day at the door and walk out a brand new, energized and stress-relieved person. There is no such thing as judgement or self-doubt when you walk through the doors, only a desire to make you feel the same way I did during my first class. I look forward to personally meeting each and every one of you and I hope that my Instructors and I can inspire you to push yourselves harder and farther than you have ever thought possible.

Kix 4 Chix is not just a gym, it is a community of empowering women and you are welcome to join us!


Angela Veltri